You know what you would do if you weren't afraid.
Trouble is... you ARE afraid.

  • You really want to leave your job... but what if it's worse some place else?
  • You know you're good... but nobody else besides the one client you've worked at for the last 10 years knows that. Who else will love you?!
  • You are ready for the next big step... but if you don't know what that next step is, how can you possibly make it happen?

Fear no more, friend! As your coach, I'm gonna  relieve that anxiety, by helping you build a step by step action plan that takes you where you want to go. 

What is coaching?

Coaching is a one on one, meeting of our minds dedicated to solving the biggest obstacle or challenge in your creative career, and how it applies to your life. I'll take you through a conversation designed to clarify the problem. Then together, we'll decide on your next steps and what you need to tackle in exactly what order, to get you to the promised land.  I take the trust you place in me seriously. So you can expect a fun, safe, and totally confidential space to lay it on the line.  I'm all about objective feedback and #realtalk to make things happen for you as quickly as possible.  I'm not the businesslady HR person. I'm your tough love best friend!

Speaking of #realtalk, there's something you should know from the jump...I believe in serving my clients through teaching, motivating and sharing. If you're looking for someone to do the work for you, I ain't your girl. Trust me; I know firsthand how valuable it is to learn how to define and communicate your own value in any situation.  If I wrote your resume for you, you would never experience the ease and confidence that comes from walking into any situation knowing who you are and what you're worth. In short, I want you to see yourself as the premium creative you really are.

How it works

This all depends on your needs!  When you decide to invest in yourself and work with me, I will ask you to fill out a questionnaire so I can come up with an agenda to make the absolute most of our time. So open your mind and let me in!  Here are some popular topics for my clients..

  • Making over your LinkedIn to attract the job opportunities you’re looking for
  • Resume and Reel makeover to make sure they clearly express what you do and how premium you are.
  • Open, frank conversation on rates and salary expectations 
  • Expanding your professional network rapidly and effectively.  (a little free advice; don't look for jobs, look for contacts!)
  • Crafting “One Headline to Rule them All!” for your resume, LinkedIn and professional networking scenarios. 
  • Strategies for scoping out a potential project with a new client, and how to clearly communicate what you will and will NOT do for the agreed upon rate.
  • How to exit your current job like a class act
  • Scripting tough conversations with your manager to finally make that raise or promotion happen without having a nervous breakdown, guaranteed!
  • Strengthening your in-person delivery skills for interviews and with prospective clients
  • Brainstorming exciting new professional adventures if you’re looking to make a leap out of where you are.

Sounds good, right?! Let's make some moves!

I offer two different options  to meet you exactly where you are.

Produce Your Interview PREP GUIDE. ebook
If you've booked the interview of your life, and want to know exactly what to say to knock it out of the park, download this fun, easy workbook to build your own killer script  >>LEARN MORE<<

Produce Your CAREER Package 60 minutes + 30 minute BONUS follow up
If your resume/reel/LinkedIn profile need a makeover, if you have no idea how to find and book new freelance clients, if you need to make some power moves at your current may be time for a professional makeover with some one on one time with me!   >>LEARN MORE<<


Booking quality time with me is an investment in your future, personal and professional. I know it's about more than money and title for you. 

  • A new job means a chance to create content for a brand that you absolutely love.
  • A promotion is your shot to finally show everybody what you can do.
  • A raise equals extra coins towards a down payment for your family's first house, or that dream trip with your best friend.
  • A new career means finally expressing who you are, making what you're worth and living a life in balance.

I think you're worth that time and investment.
Don't you?